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Adopted Java 8 with FX8

posted Feb 12, 2015, 12:56 AM by Daniel Stieger
We are pleased to announce that the whole moware framework is running on the newest 
version of java, i.e version 8, now. Instead of revealing details here, have a look at the newest screenshots 
taken from one of the major applications running on our stack. 

Of course, no single line had to be changed in any of the applications in order to migrate to java 8 and the FX 8 Ui framework. 
Instead we provide new features for the applications. We came up with inline table editing, improved hot-key control and a new design.
To push things even further, the whole stack is enabled to 
run on any web-application server. This allows us to bring in a brand
new html touch client next month. Developer still can code, test and run their apps as rich-client. However, optionally
 they can also deploy the app to 
a server without changing anything but the configuration.