Developing business applications made easy

die modellwerkstatt provides a Java toolchain which increases your productivity when creating custom business applications. The tools include a set of domain specific languages (DSL's) which allow you to model the whole user interface, business logic and any database access.  Instead of programming in plain Java, fiddling around in the downs of Java toolkits and libraries, our domain specific languages let you specify the most fundamental aspects of your business applications on a higher level. You can draw on our experience on how to formulate business applications, leaving you more time to focus on the business domain itself. Our toolchain does not only speed up application development but also guarantees a consistent architecture across applications, improving the quality of your business software. Your software becomes easier to understand when formulated in a specific language. 

Our domain specific languages for business applications come with various top level concepts, such as Table, Form, Process or Command. However, the languages are built on top of Java, showing a similar look and feel and making them easy to learn. The languages itself will introduce you to the most important concepts when developing business software.

die modellwerkstatt also provides necessary code generators to make specified applications executable. Code generators translate from our business DSL's into plain Java code, relieving you from writing boiler-plate code over and over again. The generated business application can then be deployed on various targets, including a http tomcat server with an html frontend for mobile devices. A low maintenance fat-client is also available as runtime, what is particularly pleasant while developing. You can even run your applications on platforms that are not yet popular. Given you specified your application in an abstract, technology independent manner with our DSL's, code generators which support future runtimes or technologies can easily be provided.  

Using our domain specific languages when developing business applications let you put more focus on your problem domain and less time on the basics, most business applications have in common. Gain more independence from specific java stacks, runtime environments and libraries by means of code generators. Open up for future developments and platforms by using abstract and technology independent concepts when specifying your application. 

Our toolchain builds on Jetbrains' MPS - the Meta Programming System, an IDE which is also available as plugin for the well known IntelliJ - and comes with the languages, generators, a fat-client and a server runtime.   

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